Belmar New Jersey, shark fishing

Multi-passenger finominal charters custom sport boat.

Finominal placed second in last week's BTB Mako Rodeo with a 270 lb mako shark with a length of 87-inchs. This was the 6th time which finominal sailing out of Belmar New Jersey either won or placed in.

Sharking is one type of fishing that could be done aboard finominal.  Finominal also runs other trips such as  recreational Shark fishing, blue fishing, sea bassing, and mackerel fishing. Can all be done this summer 2018 in Belmar on finominal in Shark River Inlet Belmar New Jersey

Summer flounder fishing is off to a good start aboard Finominal. Trip today out for fluke and sea bass on finominal out of Belmar

Nice job Zack. Zack landed a 47-pound striper aboard Fin-ominal Charters

belmar fishing

Belmar Fishing aboard finominal in Belmar New Jersey. Many fish were caught aboard phenomenal this past Saturday but nothing touched Zack's 47 pound striped bass

Bluefish Charter from Belmar NJ

Belmar Blue Fish Charters

If you want the best fighting inshore Belmar Charter Fishing on rod and reel.. bluefish by far is the best fish to

go out and catch. Bluefish range in size from 4 - 20 lbs. and travel in large schools. So as the Captain puts you on the fish, there are

hundreds to catch all day.
If you enjoy reel screaming and pole bending action this inshore hunt is for you.

Sharking Charters Belmar NJ :

NJ Off Shore Sharking CharterThere are many different species of sharks in the North Atlantic Ocean. But only one shark jumps clear out of the water when angling them on rod & reel... The Mako Shark.

Fishing aboard Fin-Ominal on shark excursions you will be sure to catch blue sharks, thresher sharks and mako sharks along possibly with a hammered head sharks.

There is no explaining the feeling of the sheer power and agility of NJ Offshore Sharks until you reel up a 100 - 850 lber.

A sure life time experience with this Charter Fishing Experience.

Canyon Sport Fishing for Tuna:

Canyon Tuna from Belamr NJFrom the first time to the last time....Canyon Fishing From Belmar will make you want to be out there in the canyons again and again. From yellow fin, blue fin, long fin albacor, big eyes and wahoo to giant tuna, the canyon is the place to be.

There are also blue and white marlin, swordfish, sharks and mahi mahi at the canyon. Canyon Fishing ultimately is New Jersey's best big game fishing grounds.

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Offshore/Canyon Sportfishing aboard either one of our Fin-ominal Boats.


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2015 1st place

Fin-Ominal first place 2015 Mako rodeo shark tournament and warrior for warriors shark tournament 468 pound mako shark
Click for larger image

2011 1st place

Fin-Ominal 2011 1st place
in the Brett T Bailey
Mako Rodeo Tournament
with a 197lb mako shark
caught 60 miles out of Belmar.