Large Group Cruising and Sportfishing Charters Up To 64 Passengers.

Our 101’ custom yacht sportfisherman and our 50’ Fin-ominal’s along with all captains and crew are all U.S. Coast Certified to comply with all safety standards and screenings set forth by The United States Coast Guard to ensure professionalism and safety while out at sea aboard either of our vessels.

The New 64 PASSANGER 101 FOOT TOO-Fin-ominal Sport Fishing Yacht

The 101’ Too Fin-ominal is the newest addition to our fleet and is the largest sportfishing Yacht for hire on the East Coast.  Available for corporate outings, parties, private charter, inshore, offshore and canyon sportfishing.




Fin-ominal is a custom 50’ Sport Fisherman with speeds up to 25 knots. We can comfortably accommodate up to 15 fishermen on fishing charters and can host any pleasure or business cruise up to 23 passengers.



 Inshore/Offshore Fishing
Blackfish / Stripers / Summer Flounder / Seabass / TriggerFish / Porgys/Bluefish

Fluke Fishing from Belmar NJ From the experienced fisherman on the hunt to get your next trophy fish to the friends and families that are looking for a nice day relaxing on the water catching fish. Fin-ominal Charters can accommodate all and any type of trip.
From the most avid fisherman to the smallest child, our Belmar fluke and sea bass charters are by far the best catch aboard Fin-ominal.
Striped bass (the number one sought after sportfish on coastal waters) Available trips in Spring and Fall)
Tautog (Blackfish) can be one of the most desirable fish to target on our coastal waters. It’s the thrill and power along with size the keeps fisherman on the constant hunt for there next trophy.
Trigger Fish and Porgy's are another targeted species of ground fishing aboard Fin-ominal out of Belmar, New Jersey

Sharking From Belmar NJNJ Off Shore Sharking Charter




There are many different species of sharks in the North Atlantic Ocean. But only one shark jumps clear out of the water when angling them on rod & reel... The Mako Shark.

Fishing aboard Fin-Ominal on shark excursions you will be sure to catch blue sharks, thresher sharks and mako sharks along possibly with a hammer head sharks.
There is no explaining the feeling of the sheer power and agility of NJ Offshore Sharks until you reel up a 100 - 850 lber.
A sure lifetime experience with this Charter Fishing Experience.
Blue Fish Charters Belmar
Belmar Blue Fish Charters

If you want the best fighting inshore Belmar Charter Fishing on rod and reel.. bluefish by far is the best fish to go out and catch. Bluefish range in size from 4 - 20 lbs. and travel in large schools. So as the Captain puts you on the fish, there are hundreds to catch all day.

If you enjoy reel screaming and pole bending action this inshore hunt is for you.

Offshore/Canyon Sportfishing

Canyon Tuna from Belmar NJ





At Fin-ominal Charters we have been fishing the waters of the Atlantic for at least 20 years on one of our boats. We still get amazed at our offshore/canyon fishing grounds because every trip out to the edge, provides our passengers and crew with a different outcome of what this fishing has to offer. With our two boats sailing out of Shark River Inlet located in Belmar, New Jersey, we are positioned in a centralized location to fish the Northern, Southern Canyons to our largest and closests canyon, The Hudson Canyon. The Hudson Canyon is the largest canyon on the East Coast and holds an abundance of marine life. At times of the year due to warm eddies of water that break off from the Gulf Stream waters and collide with cold water from the north making our canyons the perfect environment for tuna and all big game fishing. From Yellowfin, Bluefin, Longfin, and Big Eye Tuna to White and Blue Marlin, Swordfish, Mako Sharks and many other species of sharks and marine life. Canyon Fishing is addictive and will have you out there again and again searching for your next catch.  Don’t forget the banks of many of our canyon drop-offs lives an abundance of ground fish which completes any trip out to the deep, with a catch of Tilefish, Wreck fish,  and many other deep water bottom life.  

Offshore/Canyon Tuna Fishing (Fin-ominal) Phenomenal Charters




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Offshore/Canyon Sportfishing aboard either one of our Fin-ominal Boats.


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2015 1st place

Fin-Ominal first place 2015 Mako rodeo shark tournament and warrior for warriors shark tournament 468 pound mako shark
Click for larger image

2011 1st place

Fin-Ominal 2011 1st place
in the Brett T Bailey
Mako Rodeo Tournament
with a 197lb mako shark
caught 60 miles out of Belmar.